10 Ideas to Revitalise Your Patio

If you’re looking for patio ideas, you’ve come to the right place!  Patio areas can often be neglected as we focus on nurturing our flower beds and lawns but we want to change that!

Normally paved in concrete or similar slabs, the patio garden can sadly be viewed as a wasted space instead of the blank canvas that it really is.  Here are ten simple ideas to help you to utilise your patio to its full potential.

  1. Turn your garden patio into an outdoor dining space

Depending on your available space your patio could be easily transformed into a comfortable dining area for the summer months.   Just by placing a table and chairs a whole new dining area can be created.  If weather allows, the patio can also be used in the autumn, a patio heater will make it much more comfortable.

  1. Extend your living space

If you are short on space in your home your patio can be that that extra living area you wish you had indoors.  A cosy living space can easily be created with a gazebo or canopy and some comfy recliners.

  1. Try container gardening

Flowers are an excellent way to add colour and life to your garden patio.  Display an assortment of pots with colourful annuals or perennials or even an arrangement of evergreen shrubs.  If you have limited space available you could use a vertical container – for example a ladder planter.

  1. Grow your own

The proximity of the patio to the kitchen makes it a great place for growing herbs and certain fruit and vegetables.  You can place a tomato grow bag in a grow bag tray, place your strawberry plants in a special hanging planter, and your mint plant in a herb wheel by the back door.

Many small fruit trees like berries will grow well in a container as well as vegetables such as potatoes.

  1. Add some elegant screening

There is more to the patio area than what is covering the ground.  The surroundings can have a big impact on the overall look of the area.  Out dated fencing or a tired looking brick wall can be camouflaged with some garden screening.  Screening normally comes in rolls and can be made from natural products like bamboo, willow, thatch and reed, and it’s really easy to install.

  1. Light it up

Lights can make a massive difference to your garden patio.  There are solar and wired in options available.  The option best suitable for you will depend on your budget and the set up in your patio.

Solar lights work best in areas that have a good amount of natural light in the day, this is important to consider when positioning them in your garden.  If you are opting for a wired in option get a qualified electrician to install this for you.

  1. Clean up

This may seem obvious but sometimes we can get caught up in buying lovely things to add to our gardens and forget to maintain what is already there.  Patio surfaces need to be swept and cleaned regularly to keep them looking bright and fresh.

  1. Storage

Once the patio is clean you should tidy away any clutter.  Keep any nice looking tools you have on display, but put the half full bags of compost and bottles of weed killer in a storage container out of sight.

  1. Create some shade

Canvas awning is a great way to provide shade and also shelter when it rains.  There is a variety of colours and patterns available and are a stylish accessory to your garden patio.

  1. Change the ground surface

If you are unhappy with the ground surface and are willing to put in a bit more work, why not change it?

There are many options available for you to choose from.  Decking tiles and pebbles are cost effective ways of giving your patio a face lift.

Hopefully these ideas are the inspiration you need to rejuvenate your garden patio.  Why not give them a go!