Lawn Care

How to Achieve & Maintain a Great Looking Lawn

In most gardens, the lawn brings all the features together. No matter how large or small it may be, a great-looking lawn is the unifier of your garden’s overall appearance. We’ve put together a few simple steps that you can follow to help you achieve that desirable lush-green lawn, and also to ensure its maintain...

Garden Design Ideas

Garden Design Ideas
Whether you consider your garden to be an outside room to relax in, a football pitch, an entertainment space or simply somewhere beautiful to look out at, make it something you love. Being functional doesn’t mean it can’t also be beautiful! For Outdoor Play: If your garden is used for ball sports and needs to be...

How to Control Weeds in your Garden

kill weeds
If you were to count every hour you spent gardening, you would probably feel like you do more weeding than gardening. And while at first it can be incredibly satisfying to pull up those garden intruders, the satisfaction soon wears thin as the weeds just keep coming back! Follow our simple steps to help...

Peter Dowdall’s picks for the perfect lawn

Peter's Video
If you want your grass to be moss-free and weed free, see Peter Dowdall’s picks to give you the perfect lawn. Peter explains which products to use whether you need to feed your lawn, kill weeds and moss, or sow new grass. He also talks you through the most efficient use of weed killers...

Control that dreaded Moss

control that dreaded moss
Moss growing on your lawn is not only frustrating but ruins the whole look of your garden. The removal of moss can be done using a variety of techniques and products. It is important to get to the root cause of the problem to prevent it from re-occurring. Moss can be caused by various factors,...

Five Easy Tips to Achieve the Perfect Lawn

Lawn Care
In most gardens, the lawn brings all of the features together: whatever its size, a well-tended lawn is a great unifier. To maintain a healthy lawn, or to repair a lawn damaged from winter weather, follow the steps outlined below. Mowing It’s vital to cut your lawn regularly as it helps strengthen the grass. Don’t cut...

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