Garden Design Ideas

Whether you consider your garden to be an outside room to relax in, a football pitch, an entertainment space or simply somewhere beautiful to look out at, make it something you love. Being functional doesn’t mean it can’t also be beautiful!

For Outdoor Play:

If your garden is used for ball sports and needs to be tough, make sure you pick the right lawn seed for that purpose. There needs to be a higher proportion of rye grass in the mix, to ensure suitability for wear and tear. If your lawn does get damaged, you can just patch it up either from seed or by cutting the damaged section out and replacing it with turf from an area where it wouldn’t be noticed.

For Outdoor Entertainment:

If you love hosting get togethers in your garden, consider a fire pit as a central feature – this will allow you to enjoy even the colder days outdoors. If you’re handy at DIY you could even build one yourself. There are also ready-made alternatives for purchase in most garden centres and home stores.


For Outdoor Relaxation:

If you like a quiet relaxing space in your garden, you could install hanging chairs – like swings but for grown-ups! You could also consider a quiet reading area separated from the main garden by a trellis or a living feature such as hedging or flower bushes.
Outdoor seating can be beautiful but in wet temperate climates it’s important to maintain it properly throughout the year – oil solid wood regularly or cover outdoor furniture when not in use.

For Outdoor Beauty:

When you want to really make an impression, it’s hard to beat a dramatic display of colour. Think not only of colourful flower displays, but different types of green foliage too. For stunning autumn colours, consider planting maple trees in a prominent place in your garden – the blazing colours are a beautiful way to herald the arrival of the season.