How to Achieve & Maintain a Great Looking Lawn

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In most gardens, the lawn brings all the features together. No matter how large or small it may be, a great-looking lawn is the unifier of your garden’s overall appearance.

We’ve put together a few simple steps that you can follow to help you achieve that desirable lush-green lawn, and also to ensure its maintain all-year-round.
We really suggest that you read this to the end. It’s a long one but trust us when we say; – it will make life so much easier on both you and your lawn.

Mowing Your Lawn Correctly

Lawn-mowing is probably the most influential factor of a great-looking, healthy lawn. Unfortunately, it is quite often neglected by gardeners. This isn’t because of a lack of effort on the gardener’s behalf; but instead due to incorrect procedures carried out when mowing. Just a few simple changes to the way you mow your lawn could greatly improve the appearance and the health of your garden’s lawn.

Lawn Mowing

Mow Your Lawn Often…

Cutting your lawn grass too short can be equally damaging as letting it grow too tall. You should never mow your lawn any lower than to one-third of the grass’ current height. Mowing a lawn any lower is too severe, and results in yellow and dried-out patches. From the months of May to September when grass growth is at its fastest, you should aim to cut your lawn once per week. Frequent and regular mowing promotes the production of shoots from the base of the leaf blade, which helps to produce a thick, carpet-like lawn. By letting your grass grow too long and then mowing it too short, you will shock and damage the plant, leaving your lawn looking sparse with a yellow-brown colour as aforementioned. The more often you mow your lawn, the better it will look!

Keep Your Mower Blades Sharp…

Using sharp mower blades is crucial for good lawn maintenance. Grass cut with a sharp mower blade has less damaged surface area and allows the plant to heal faster with less stress. This is because blunt blades can tear the grass instead of cleanly cutting it. Torn grass shoots are more likely to get infected with a fungus than grass cut cleanly with a sharp blade. So, don’t underestimate the importance of sharp lawnmower blades!

Change Your Mowing Patterns…

Mowing your lawn often lays the grass over slightly causing the stripped effect. It is important that you alternate the direction of how you mow your lawn every week. This prevents the grass from overlaying excessively.

Feeding Your Lawn

Always remember; – your lawn is a mass of living plants. The grass plant is no different from any other living plant, and so, regular feeding is vital. Applying a good lawn feed will help your lawn achieve a healthy-looking strong green colour. It will strengthen your lawn also, enabling it to withstand the wear-and-tear of regular mowing and general lawn use. Cutting grass removes important nutrients from your lawn, which need to be replaced. This means that in the height of growing season, your lawn will need to be fed and fertilised regularly. By not feeding your lawn, it will slowly weaken, allowing moss and unwanted weeds to invade.

Lawn Feeding

There are plenty of lawn-feed products to choose from at your local garden centre. In fact, the huge variety of choices may just leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused! So, what is our Lawn Feed pick for over here on Read to the end of this article and you’ll find out. (There’s a good reason why we’re not telling you just yet.)

Weed Control

A carpet-like, nutrient-rich, regularly-mowed lawn will make life tough on weeds. But unfortunately, weeds will always find a way to encroach on your lawn and germinate. If you find yourself fighting a losing battle against Mother Nature’s weeds on your lawn, a lawn-friendly weed killer is what you’ll need. Always follow the recommended instructions on the label, as incorrect application can potentially damage your lawn. Again, you might ask; – what Weed Killer from my local garden centre should I be using? We’ll get to that very shortly.

Moss Control

The best defence against moss infestation on your lawn is to do everything in your power to keep your lawn stronger, healthy and nutrient-rich. Moss favours many different conditions. These include shade, damp, waterlogging, drought and many more. No matter how hard you work to prevent moss, it will almost always manage to creep into your lawn.
The UK and Ireland’s climate tends to be very damp – another favourable factor that welcomes moss. As the old saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’. Treating moss at its early stages of development will make getting rid of it far easier than trying to treat the moss when it is established on your lawn. Preventive applications of Mosskiller is the better lawn maintenance strategy to work with. Such products aim to treat your lawn with rich nutrients, as well as to scarify and aerate your lawn. But what Mosskiller do we recommend to achieve the moss-free lush-green lawn you desire?

The All-In-One Lawn Feed, Weed and Mosskiller

To follow all the recommended steps as outlined above, it would require a considerable amount of work and money. You would first have to use a selective lawn weed killer to eliminate all unwanted weed grasses as well as broad leaved weeds. You would then have to feed the grass with a nutrient-rich fertiliser or lawn feed. And lastly, you would have to apply another product to get rid of the moss.

But what if you could get it all done in one job? The GreenForce Triple Action Lawn Feed, Weed and Mosskiller does exactly that.

All we can say is; when it comes to lawn maintenance, this product is a gardener’s dream…
This product is a one-step approach to your lawn maintenance for the year. One bag will cover up to a huge 750 square meters. The fact that it covers so much means that you’re going to save on money, and the fact that it’s one application means that you’re going to save on a lot of time!

It’s now also available in a convenient 3-kilogram box for smaller garden areas. The 3-kilogram box covers up to 150 square meters, which is double the coverage of the market leader.

You should be able to get this product in all good garden centres, but click here to find out for definite the closest stockist near you.