Peter Dowdall

Peter DPeter Dowdall is a popular Irish radio and television personality who is well known for his lifelong passion and love for gardening. An Irish based Horticultural Consultant and Garden Designer, Peter trained and worked in the UK and the Channel Islands before returning to Ireland. He is the Gardening Columnist for the Irish Examiner newspaper and regularly appears on Irish TV. He has presented several gardening shows on RTE, RTE1 and BBC as well as broadcasting abroad both in South Africa and New Zealand. He hosts a weekly show called “Ask the expert” on Cork Today on C103FM, where he answers listeners gardening queries.

Peter wrote his first book on gardening ‘Gardening with Peter Dowdall – The Importance of The Natural World’ in 2010 as well as the House Home Magazine. He is also involved with talks, demonstrations and presentations for a diverse range of groups including schools and gardening clubs. Peter is also a Horticultural Consultant at The Pavilion Garden Centre based in Cork where he gives expert advice on gardens from a design and plant perspective.

Through his work on television, radio, talks, print and demonstrations he aims to educate individuals both amateur and professionals as well as to instil a love of gardening and nature.

“All my life I have been interested in and worked in gardening and I am passionate about gardening, plants and garden design in Ireland and abroad. I have hopefully managed to share my enthusiasm with many others and helped a few budding gardeners along the way.”

“Gardening is the most simple thing in the world, you put something into the ground, give it water and it grows.”

Peter's Blog

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