What Plant Foods Should You Use?

Irish garden expert, Peter Dowdall, talks us through his choice when it comes to feeding the plants in his garden.

Peter’s Plant Food Choices…

Peter narrows his choice of plant foods down 3 different groups:

  • General Purpose
  • Flower Growth
  • Rose Food

General Purpose Plant Food

It is important to have one good general purpose plant food to take care of overall plant health. Peter finds best results using Goulding’s Plant Food.

Flower Growth

The next plant food group to focus on is those that promote flowers and to make sure of a continuation of growth in the garden. Peter suggests using a tomato food for this. While the name could be misleading, tomato food is perfect for all flowers in your garden and will have them flourishing in no time. For best results, use Goulding’s Tomato Food.

Rose Food

In the words of Peter; “One plant deserves a plant feed all of its own”.


The more you feed the roses in your garden, the better and more lush their flowers are going to look. It’s that simple. Peter always uses Goulding’s Liquid Rose Food.

How to apply them…

Applying all of the above products from the Goulding range is simple. Fill a watering can with water and then check the back of the food packaging to see the rate that you mix it at. Then using the lid of the plant food as your measuring chamber, fill the appropriate amount of food into the watering can and you’re ready to go.